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If you're looking for A-plus lodging, quality huntingon some of the best hunting ground in the area, Kansas Hospitality and top notch guides,
the South Forty Lodge is your answer.

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Howell House
701 Blunt Street, Downs, KS
(785) 454-3888 ‎

West Lake Inn
259 U.S. 24, Downs, KS
(785) 454-3346 ‎

Downs Chamber of Commerce
715 Railroad St, Downs, KS
(785) 454-6622 ‎

Myers Sporting & Supply
267 W US Highway 24, Downs, Kansas 67437
(785) 454-3520

MNM Lodging
906 Elm Street, Cawker City, KS
(785) 781-4482



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